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04.05.20 - Discussion Guide

Luke 19:28 - 44

Opening question: As we approach Holy Week, what are some things you love about this time of year?

Before you read the passage together, take a moment to acknowledge the fact that Pastor Bill said that the disciples “hot-wired” a donkey. Too good.

Read the passage out loud together.

1. Pastor Bill focused the majority of his sermon upon Jesus weeping over Jerusalem; however, before this, he briefly explored the crowds interaction with Jesus as he entered into the city (what’s commonly known as the Triumphal Entry) – how often do you find yourself to be like one of the members of this crowd? Outwardly praising Jesus with your lips and yet finding your heart to be far from him. What do you suspect leads us to this place of “lip service” to God?

2. Jesus weeping over Jerusalem closely resembles his weeping at the tomb of Lazarus (John 11:35) – what do these two moments reveal to us about the character and nature of Jesus? (see Hebrews 4:14-15)

3. What can we take away from these experiences of Christ? How can we seek to carry them with us and display them in our lives as members of Christ? (see Philippians 2:1-11)

4. During his sermon, Pastor Bill said that “His [Jesus] tears moved Him from triumphant entry to Good Friday” – it was the compassion and love Jesus had for His people that took Him from entering as a King to dying as a criminal. What does this reveal about the heart of Jesus for unbelievers? How might this effect the way you interact with and evangelize unbelievers?

5. Pastor Bill left us with a question to contemplate this Holy Week as we face the worries and anxieties that plague us in the midst of a truly massive disruption in our lives: “Do I really trust Christ?” A simple question, yet our response is of infinite value. Take time this week to meditate upon it: journal about your experiences over the past few weeks, talk to God in prayer, and allow Him to speak to you through His word.

Before you pray – read Isaiah 55:1-7.

Take some time to pray together as a family.

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