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05.03.20 - Sermon Discussion Guide

Updated: May 6, 2020

Acts 7:45-60

Opening question: What attitudes or ideas does our culture have about death and dying?  What do you see in movies, TV shows, songs, art, etc?  

1. Why is it important to talk about death?

2. What does it mean to ‘die well’?

3. Have you ever talked to your parents about their death?  If not, why?  

4. How is it possible that we are worthy to be in the presence of God after we breathe our last here on earth?

5. What things should you be thinking about (or do you want to be thinking about) while you are on your deathbed?        

Take some time to pray a prayer of thankfulness that God rules from a “throne of grace”.  Thank God for giving us what we don’t deserve and ask that we would be able to extend that grace and forgiveness to others.  

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