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05.06.20 - Make Him Known

Our culture knows who God is, right? I mean, just watch any number of celebrity award shows, and you'll hear them thanking God for their success in their latest album or even their latest movie. People are constantly texting "OMG". That's definitely a reference to God. But does our culture really know who they're talking about? Do people around us really know that God holds the universe in its place, that He's in control of every breath we take, and that we were created to have a relationship with Him? How will they know the truth?

Read Romans 10:13-17. Paul spent many of the first chapters of Romans explaining salvation - everyone's need of it and how Jesus provided the way for it. Paul explained that salvation for everyone comes from God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Paul then turned his attention to the importance of sharing the great news of salvation with others. The church in Rome was to take the message of salvation to their cities and beyond. He explained that Jesus chose the Church to be His way of bringing His name to those who do not know Him - His people are His Body in the world. The main purpose as a local body of believers is to be the voice that spreads the gospel to all people.

Our mission as the Body of Christ is the same. It's our job to tell others the truth about the God whom they reference in speeches and texts but barely know. We're the voices that make Christ known to those who don't yet have a relationship with Him. When we use our gifts and abilities to help build up the Body, we become a part of working together for Christ's purpose. Our words and actions display the truth of God to the world.

Questions for Reflection

  1. How does our culture demonstrate that they don't truly know who God is?

  2. If an opportunity happened for you to share the gospel, what would you say or do?

  3. How can you continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ even while in quarantine?

Take some time this morning to ask God to put someone in your life this week with whom you can share the good news of Jesus with.

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