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05.11.20 - Who's the Boss?

"You're not the boss of me!" Have you ever heard or spoken those words? My childhood was marked with that phrase because I had an older sister who was certain it was her purpose in life to boss me around (don't worry, she doesn't anymore - she's awesome!). If we're completely honest, most of us struggle when our parents, teachers, coaches or friends try to tell us what to do. Submission is just not always easy. 

Read Ephesians 5:23-27. Paul wrote these words to the church at Ephesus to help them understand that the Church is under the leadership and authority of Christ. The Church doesn't act according to its own mission or beliefs. The Church looks to Jesus as its head and submits to His authority and mission. Christ showed His love for His Church through His sacrifice on the cross. Because of this love, He made a way for His Church to become more and more like Him so that it reflects His Holiness. 

Many people think that they can follow Christ according to their own standards - that they can live life as if He is not the boss; however, just as Christ is the head of His Church, He is also the head of you and me. We must submit our lives to His authority and align our lives with His mission because we no longer belong to ourselves: Jesus has purchased us with His sacrifice. As we submit to His commands and purpose for our lives, He will purify us and make us more like Him. We'll be transformed by laying our lives at His feet and saying, "Jesus, I trust your leadership and submit to your ways." What a beautiful picture to see the Church - the people of God - saying, "Jesus is the boss of me". 

Questions for Reflection

  1. Why is submitting to the leadership of someone else difficult?

  2. How are you supposed to respond to the headship of Jesus in your life?

  3. What areas of your life do you need to submit to Christ today? Take time to confess those things, and ask the Holy Spirit to transform your heart as you surrender your life to Jesus. 

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