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05.15.20 - Wisdom in the Flesh

Musician. When you read that word, you mat have thought about what music sounds like or the fact that everybody on earth seems to be into a band these days or maybe you thought of Ty the Uth Guy! But when you see Beethoven next to the word musician, it takes on a whole new meaning. Your thoughts go to music at an entirely new level. The same is true of the word athleticism next to Lebron James, creativity next to Monet, or wealthy next to Jeff Bezos (he OWNS Amazon). These concepts are now personified. When we see the word wisdom there is a name that should immediately come to mind because this man is the greatest source of its revelation.

Read Colossians 2:2. The church at Colosse encountered false teachers. Paul knew this and warned them not to listen to what these teachers were sating about where wisdom was found. Paul explained that the only answer for gaining understanding about the mysteries of God came through knowing Christ. Jesus Christ, Paul said, was God's wisdom in the flesh. Seeing the life of Jesus, and His death and resurrection, would be like starring wisdom in the face. 

If we desire wisdom and understanding about God, Paul tells us to look to Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus is the key to unlocking the mysteries of God. He is the center of our faith and should be the purpose behind every effort of our lives. In knowing Christ, we, who were once ignorant and far from the things of God, are able to become wise. If we want to see the face of wisdom, we should look no further than its source, Jesus Christ. He is wisdom personified.

Questions for Reflection

  1. What does Paul say is the source of becoming wise in the mysteries of God? 

  2. Who, in our culture, tries to show us other places wisdom might be found?

  3. Is Jesus the center of your life? Why or why not?

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