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05.18.20 - Right Perspective

Imagine your favorite food, made just the way you like it. Yum! You love that food (I'm imagining a hot bowl of chicken and crawfish gumbo). Now, picture yourself enjoying the food aboard a private jet. Nice, right? Now, imagine that you survive a crash landing! Do you even hesitate when your pilot tells you to follow him to safety, leaving everything behind? Your near death experience has radically changed what you most value in that moment. You love the air you're breathing, the solid ground beneath your feet and the pilot who saved you. You love being alive! Your favorite food no longer makes the list. It's nothing compared to the intense, overwhelming feelings you experience after escaping death. 

Read Luke 14:25-33. Jesus wanted people to understand that following Hi required a deeper love than any they had ever experienced. This love would need to be so intense and overwhelming that it made even their love for family look like hate in comparison. Not that people and relationships weren't valued, but love for Christ needed to be infinitely higher.  This was a costly kind of love. For most of the disciples, it literally cost them their lives. They experienced persecution and martyrdom because they were followers of Christ. That type of discipleship required the most intense form of love.

The message in this passage is the same for us today. Jesus challenges each of us to count the cost of following Him. Our relationship with Christ will begin to transform our hearts in a way that other loves will pale in comparison to our love for Him. Living as a follower of Christ is not an easy path, but one that is definitely worth it. He calls us to follow Him to new life. Then, once we see how great our salvation is, we experience a love for Christ that puts every other love into perspective. 

Questions for Reflection

  1. What is Christ telling His disciples in the passage you just read? 

  2. Why is this kind of perspective necessary for a Christian?

  3. Is your life being lived in a way that reflects this kind of perspective? Can the world see what you love so deeply that every other love pales in comparison? 

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