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05.20.20 - A True Home

Recently, Caroline has been reading Solon the Little House on the Prairie book. Caroline loved reading the books and watching the show when she was a kid. Just imagine what it would have been like to grow up at that time. You would have been so dependent on the land for survival. Once you planted your crop you would have to just wait and hope. Then, one day, food would spring up. You would go out with your Pa, dance for joy around the field, and then harvest your crop. You would bring it in to Ma, and eat the fruits of your labor.  Every warm and juicy bite would be cherished and would remind you of your hope becoming reality. A full stomach never felt as good as that very moment. I bet heaven will feel that way times a billion. 

Read Revelation 21:3. John wrote Revelation from an island he was banished to as punishment for his faith in Christ. He must have been overjoyed writing down the visions he had seen from this terribly lonely place. He saw that even though we live in a world that is imperfect, to say the least, it will not always be this way! He explained that Christians will be a part of  a new heaven and new earth where death, suffering and sin are not allowed. But that wouldn't even be the best part, according to John. The most amazing thing would be  us having perfect fellowship with God. What we hope for will come to pass. 

Heaven is not some hokey thing we occasionally mention; it is our very real home. On this earth, we experience pain, disease and brokenness. Here, our sin can hinder our fellowship with God. Praise God that there will be a day when this will no longer be the case. Death and tears will have no place, and we will be set free. Our hope will become reality, and it will taste so sweet! 

Questions for Reflection

  1. What exciting news did John share in the passage we just read?

  2. What things in your life are evidence that this world is a broken and imperfect place? 

  3. What makes heaven such an incredible place? Do you consider it your true home? 

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