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05.10.20 - Sermon Discussion Guide

Acts 9:1-25

Happy Mother’s Day!

Opening question: Name 10 things you are thankful for about your mom.

1. Why were early Christians called “the Way”? What’s the meaning of that name?

2. What’s the significance of Jesus asking Saul, “Why are you persecuting me?”

3. What are one or two aspects of God’s grace that you are thankful for?

4. What happens when God’s grace grabs (or apprehends) you?

5. Why are you a believer in Jesus? If you aren’t, what could/should you do?

6. Why is forgetfulness one of the greatest dangers to the Christian life?

Take time to thank God for his grace towards you. Reflect on your own conversion story and list out 3 or 4 significant events or things that led to your coming to faith in Jesus.

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