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4.17.20 - Peace and Prayer

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but it does empty today of its strength.”  If there was anyone who had the right to worry about their life, it was Corrie Ten Boom.  The author of The Hiding Place tells the story of her life in Holland during World War II.  As a Christian, she could not stand by and watch the injustice being done to the Jews, so she and her family hid people in their home.  She was eventually found out and was put in several prison camps, one in which she had to watch her sister die.  Her response to life during that unpredictable time was not to constantly worry over what was to come next.  Her response was prayer.  We live in very different, yet similar times of uncertainty and worry over the future in the midst of this pandemic.

Read Philippians 4:4-7.  Paul knew that Christians in Philippi were going to face trials and uncertainty because it is an inevitable part of life in a fallen world.  He also knew the first temptation for those believers would be to worry.  Paul told them to pray constantly to battle against the strong tendency to be anxious.  He told them their prayers should be filled with thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness and provision.  He also told them to tell God about it, who gives freely in the way that is best for those whom He loves.  

What is the result if we do that?  Paul (and thus God) says that a peace that passes all understanding will come through a life lived in prayer.  As God’s children, we are to talk to our Father, thank Him for all that we have, ask things of Him, recognize that He is with us, and be filled with peace as we walk through life’s uncertainties.  Don’t worry friends.  Pray.  

Questions for Reflection

  1. What is Paul telling us to do in this passage?

  2. What worries are you fighting in your life right now?

  3. What adjustments can you make so that your life is marked by prayer instead of worry?  

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