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4.19.20 - Discussion Guide

Opening question: What are some “teachable moments” that have recently taken place in your home? Take a minute to discuss these with your family – what were the outcomes?

Read the passage out loud together. Luke 22:14-34

1. Today, we used Peter as a case study of what “Gospel Maturity” looks like. How would you define Gospel maturity in your own words?

2. Of course, getting to the point of maturity (in any sense of the word) requires a process – a journey. Chad gave us a nice overview of Peter’s journey and the “teachable moments” he experienced with Christ. Can you think of any of these teachable moments from your own journey? What did the Lord teach you? How do you think he was calling you into Gospel maturity?

3. How does this discussion of Gospel maturity relate to our current situation?

4. Read 1 Peter 5:6-11. This is the same Peter writing whom Satan wanted to “sift” like wheat – the same Peter who denied ever knowing Jesus. What can we learn from his transformation and the wisdom he gives here by the Spirit of the Lord?

5. So, where are you at in your journey? How is your battle with pride, fear and doubt? How can you be seeking to humble yourself and trust in God in this unprecedented time of unknowing?

Take some time to pray together as a family.

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