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4.27.20 - Stay Focused

Have you ever texted while driving? I'm sure many of you have not (lookin' at you middle school crew...); however, nearly 80% of drivers in the US have confessed to texting while driving. Almost one-third of all car accidents involving young people occur because they are distracted by texting while behind the wheel. Statistics show texting while driving can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. Experts say the distraction caused when you try to do two activities simultaneously severely decreases your chances of getting through both of them (most of us have probably tried to do two things at once!). In order to stay focused on what's important, all distractions must be set aside. 

Read Colossians 3:1-4. Paul wanted to encourage the church at Colossae to keep their focus on what was important. Read verses 5 - 17 for a clear description of what to avoid and where to focus. Because they were now followers of Christ, Paul explained that their gaze should be fixed on their heavenly home and their mission in Christ on this earth. Paul knew it would be no easy task. Worldly desires were deeply rooted in the hearts of those believers. After all, it was ingrained in them to give into those desires, right up to when they became followers of Christ. It would have been so easy for them to be distracted by their old way of life, but after beginning a new life in Christ, their life's purpose changed. They were to seek first Christ and His Kingdom. 

It is the same for us today. Though we were born with hearts that seek after worldly desires, as believers we are now living to know Christ and to make Him known.  Those selfish and destructive distractions will be hard to shake, but they will only keep us from experiencing the life we are meant to live. We must keep our gaze set on Christ. If we want to stay focused on knowing Him, all distractions must be set aside. 

Right now, our lives are looking quite different from normal, and so might our distractions. This doesn't change the task at hand - we must keep our eyes upon Jesus.  Many of us have found our time freed up quite a bit, and more than most likely, many of us have filled that time up with more distractions: more books, more video games, more shows - note that many of these thing aren't in and of themselves "bad"; nonetheless, if they pull our gaze from Christ, we must seek to put them in their proper place and reorient ourselves toward Jesus. 

Questions for Reflection

  1. According to Paul, what we supposed to seek? 

  2. What distractions are you facing right now that might keep you from focusing on Christ? 

  3. What practical changes should you make in your own life so that you can see Christ's purpose for your life more clearly? 

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