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04.03.20 - Be Different

It has been said of teenagers that they all want to be unique, as long as everyone else is doing it.  What do you think of that statement?  Almost everyone wants to be unique in one way or another.  Some people go to great lengths to be dramatically unique – such as the guy on Mass Street with spiked up hair and metal spikes on the shoulders of his leather jacket.  Or the girl at the park who never wears shoes and writes poetic phrases on her feet while she dances under the trees weaving in and out of her hula hoop.  These people definitely appear different.  They draw attention to themselves because they don’t look or act like everyone else.  As a child of God, not only is looking different a possibility, it’s a requirement.  It always has been.

Read Exodus 19:3-6.  God had some things to tell his chosen people through Moses.  He wanted them to know that they could trust Him.  He sent a spokesperson on their behalf to ensure their freedom from slavery. He parted waters for them and defeated armies for them.  They were His treasured possession.  God was now telling them how they should live as His children.  They were to be holy – to be set apart – by obeying God’s commandments.  By doing this, the other nations would look at them and see that God’s people were different.  God wanted his people to represent Him and His holiness.  Their obedience was a testimony to all who were on the outside looking in.  

Just like Israel, our lives will look different from the world around us as we walk in obedience to what God commands.  Christians who are faithfully following Jesus will be different. That's just how it is.  It is not so that you draw attention to yourself; make sure that your difference draws attention to the God you serve so that others might know Him.  

Questions for Reflection

  1. What is the risk you take by the way that you live as a Christ-follower?

  2. Do you typically want to blend in with others or to be completely different?  

  3. Why is living differently from others often difficult for us?  

  4. In what ways does your life not reflect God’s holiness?

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