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CPYU - Family Tabletalk

I guess we like CPYU! This is an awesome resource for families to help spark conversation around the dinner table. Essentially, what CPYU is providing here is a family devo - there's a passage of scripture, some commentary and a number of questions to aid you and your student(s) in processing the content. Look out for more of these in the coming weeks! 

The Bible Project - Water of Life

This is a resource we've referenced quite a few times in the past few months - Chase has even been using it to build his Sunday School curriculum. Co-Creators Tim Mackie and Jon Collins work alongside a team of animators to explain how all of the Bible is a unified story that points to Jesus. Their videos explore every book of the Bible, different biblical words and concepts, and even look at how to study the Bible. This most recent video explores the theme of living water throughout scripture that ultimately culminates in Christ himself. 

Digital Well-Being - Center for Humane Technology

This is not a resource from a Christian site; however, the wisdom sourced within this article I find to be indispensable during this time. It includes some incredibly practical tidbits and some very convicting questions regarding not only our children's use of technology, but our own. Give it a read and consider your families current use of technology: do you have rules regarding your usage? Or does the tech rule you in some capacity? 

CPYU - Quarantine Communication

This resource from the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding provides a solid list of Do's and Do Not's for communication under quarantine. It encourages open and honest conversation between parents and their teens through good communication practices. They even provide a list of conversation starters! Our challenge to you: pick out two or three to ask your teen(s) at the dinner table throughout the week and put into practice the do's and don't's of good communication! 

5 Tips For Helping Your Teens Study the Bible

This article is written by a TEENAGER about how to help teenagers better engage in Bible Study. It is practical, straight forward and quite helpful. Ask your teen which of these tips they would find to be most encouraging to their study of scripture. 

Partnering With Parents...

The Funnel is a resource specifically designed for parents. There is so much information floating around today that it can be difficult and overwhelming to find the most beneficial and reliable resources. The Funnel is our solution to this issue. Our staff reads, distills and curates the best articles on youth and culture from the most reliable resources and puts them all in one place for your use. 

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