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A Place For Teens...

Room's 3 and 4 at Grace EPC have become synonymous with our Youth - every other Wednesday night and every Sunday afternoon, you can find students gathered together in these rooms conversing, praying, worshiping and playing. So what happens when we're no longer free to gather in that special place? 

The YoG Cast has been carefully crafted and cultivated to be that place for your teens while we find ourselves in "exile" from our little YoG home.  It's our attempt to "build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce" (Jeremiah 29:5) - to prosper while we wait. These short videos are intended to embrace, encourage and equip your teenagers as we expose them to Gospel truth (wait, thats our motto)... We pray that they are helpful and ultimately draw our students closer to Christ. 

YoG Cast 05.03.20 - Busyness, Rest and the Best Use of Time

Today's Key Verse: Ephesians 5:15

Companion Verses: Jeremiah 29:5-7; Matthew 11:28-30


Chase and Caroline talk about how we can use our time well and "live life to the full" even in quarantine.

Q: What distracts you from making the "best use" of your time? How can you be striving to live "not as unwise but as wise", seeking to find true rest in the Lord? 

YoG Cast 4.27.20 - Read Yo Bible

Today's Key Verse: Hebrews 4:12

Companion Verses: John 8:31-32; Isaiah 55:6 & 10;

II Timothy 3:16 


Tyler & Lindsay share some thoughts and encouragement about reading your bible.  Some of you may have a plan, some may not.  Either way, in this episode you will hear some practical ideas about how to begin thinking about making Scripture reading a regular part of your routine.

Q: How are you seeking the Lord through His word during this time? Why is this so important in all seasons of life, the good and the bad? 

YoG Cast 4.19.20 - Jesus, Anxiety and Tree Hugging

Today's Key Verse: Matthew 6:25-31

Companion Verses: 1 Peter 5:7; Hebrews 4:14-16


Chase and Caroline explore the ways Jesus confronts our fears, even in the midst of a global pandemic, and discuss some practical strategies for combating our anxiety.

Q: How does knowing that Jesus was fully God and fully man speak words of comfort and power over both the Spiritual and Physical battle we fight with anxiety? 

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